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Geehy's automotive chip lineup spans microcontrollers, microprocessors, sensors, interfaces, and drivers, strategically focused on key areas like body control, infotainment systems, BMS, and domain control. Committed to ISO 26262 functional safety standards, Geehy ensures safety, reliability, and quality in its chip products and application solutions. Alongside functional safety, Geehy provides a robust development ecosystem and localized technical support, coupled with a diverse product portfolio, effectively meeting evolving application demands in the automotive electronics industry.

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GURC01 G32A1445 APM32A407VGT7 APM32A407ZGT7 APM32F103RCT7 APM32A103CBT7 APM32A103RET7 APM32A103VET7 APM32A091RCT7 APM32F003F6U7 APM32F072CBT7 APM32F072RBT7

Microcontrollers and Microprocessors

G32A Automotive General-Purpose MCUs >>>

The G32A series, built on the Arm® Cortex®-M0+/M3/M4F cores and certified ISO 26262 ASIL B~D and AEC-Q100, guarantees robust performance. Operating in a stable temperature range of -40℃ to 125℃, these MCUs integrate a security enhancement module and offer comprehensive software and hardware technical support for efficient project deployment.

APM32A Automotive-Grade MCUs >>>

APM32A automotive-grade MCUs, featuring Arm® Cortex®-M0+/M3/M4F cores, consist of three main product lines: APM32A407, APM32A103, and APM32A091, totaling six products. Certified AEC-Q100 Grade1/Grade2, they ensure stable operation in a temperature range of -40℃ to 125℃. These MCUs offer efficient CPU processing, expanded storage, and comprehensive connectivity.


Ultrasonic Sensors and Signal Processors >>>

Engineered for precise long-distance target measurement, they enable rapid responses in the automotive environment.

LED Matrix Control IC

Automotive Headlamp LED Matrix Controller>>>

The GALT61120 automotive headlamp led matrix controller is an enhanced analog ASIC chip specifically designed for intelligent vehicle lighting systems, enabling fully dynamic adaptive lighting.


First Automotive Headlamp LED Matrix Controller GALT61120 Series

GALT61120 is Geehy's first automotive headlamp LED matrix controller. Applications include automotive headlamp systems, animated daytime running lights, intelligent interactive matrix headlamps, and intelligent projection headlamps.

Ultrasonic Sensors and Signal Processors GURC01

GURC01 is a cutting-edge ultrasonic sensor and signal processor chip, renowned for its rich on-chip resources and exceptional performance in long and short-distance measurements.

G32A1445 Automotive General-Purpose MCU

Manufactured using a 40nm automotive-grade process, the G32A1445 automotive general-purpose MCUs certified AEC-Q100 and adhere to ISO 26262 ASIL-B standards.

APM32A407 MCU Series

High-performance automotive-grade MCUs with high integration, security, and large capacity meet the requirements of complex automotive functionalities.

APM32A103 MCU Series

Mainstream automotive-grade MCUs suitable for various in-vehicle terminals, expanding user capabilities in diverse automotive application scenarios.

APM32A091 MCU Series

Cost-effective automotive-grade MCUs feature multiple communication interfaces, a programmable analog comparator, and capacitive touch functionality.

Empowering flexible, swift, and scalable applications.

G32A1445 LED Matrix Headlamp Solution

Geehy's automotive LED matrix headlamp solution features the G32A1445, a brand-new MCU designed for automotive use.

APM32A407 Reversing Radar Solution

A reversing radar typically consists of several key components, including a main control chip, reversing radar sensor, an ultrasonic transmitting and receiving circuit, an alarm circuit, and a display circuit.

APM32F103RCT7 Certified AEC-Q100

Geehy APM32F103RCT7 MCU has certified AEC-Q100 after being tested by the GRGTest.

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