APM32A Automotive-Grade MCUs

The APM32A series, including APM32A407, APM32A103, and APM32A091, features six products equipped with Arm® Cortex®-M0+/M3/M4F cores. These MCUs provide efficient CPU processing, enhanced storage, and robust connectivity. With AEC-Q100 and ISO 26262 certifications, the APM32A series expands Geehy's automotive-grade MCU lineup, meeting high-reliability standards and accommodating a wide temperature range. It is designed to address diverse communication and body control applications, finding applications in vehicle body control, safety systems, infotainment, power systems, and more.

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APM32A Automotive-Grade MCU Roadmap

APM32F003F6U7 APM32F072CBT7 APM32F072RBT7 APM32F103RCT7 APM32A407VGT7 APM32A407VGT7 APM32A103CBT7 APM32A103RET7 APM32A103VET7 APM32A091RCT7


APM32A407 Series

High-performance automotive-grade MCUs with high integration, security, and large capacity meet the requirements of complex automotive functionalities.

APM32A103 Series

Mainstream automotive-grade MCUs suitable for various in-vehicle terminals, expanding user capabilities in diverse automotive application scenarios.

APM32A091 Series

Cost-effective automotive-grade MCUs feature multiple communication interfaces, a programmable analog comparator, and capacitive touch functionality.

Empowering flexible, swift, and scalable applications.

Geehy launches APM32A Full Series Automotive-grade

The APM32A full series includes three major product lines, with a total of 6 models covering Arm® Cortex®-M0+/M3/M4 cores.

Geehy Automotive Grade APM32A407 Reversing Radar Solution

The reverse radar solution is based on the high-performance, low-power, and highly reliable APM32A407 series automotive-grade MCU.

APM32F103RCT7 Certified AEC-Q100

Geehy APM32F103RCT7 MCU has certified AEC-Q100 after being tested by the GRGTest.

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