With broad professional application experience from successful collaborations, Geehy provides solutions for industrial automation, security, surveillance, measurement, testing, and smart cities and buildings. In industrial applications, our 32-bit general or dedicated MCUs comply with functional safety standards like IEC 61508. With sturdy hardware development platforms, comprehensive algorithms, and solutions, we help customers shorten product development cycles.

Industrial Automation

Industry 4.0 drives a technological revolution towards intelligent manufacturing, products, and services. Our comprehensive industrial automation solutions optimize production processes, cut operating costs, and elevate product quality.

Motor Control

Motor control is an integral part of our daily routines, found in common items such as refrigerators, electric drills, hairdryers, electric toothbrushes, and more. Future trends point toward smart motor control and energy-efficient motors. Geehy offers cutting-edge motor control applications designed to elevate motor efficiency, conserve energy, and minimize operating costs.

Medical Equipment

As medical technology continues to advance, the utilization of key semiconductor devices in medical diagnosis, treatment, and detection is steadily expanding. This growth is geared towards enhancing healthcare services for hospitals and medical professionals. Through our distinctive products and services, we support developers in crafting more intelligent and efficient solutions for medical devices, thereby expediting the medical product design process.

Security & Surveillance

We offer diverse security solutions, enhancing the application technology of security systems and video surveillance for better intrusion detection and abnormal behavior monitoring.

Test & Measurment

Utilizing high-performance products and innovative solutions, we address complex challenges in testing and measurement, maximizing data accuracy and precision.

Smart Cities & Buildings

Integrating IoT technology with intelligent buildings drives the technological upgrade and transformation of traditional industries. We provide building and city automation solutions for a safe, comfortable, and convenient living environment.

Typical Applications

Realizing Constant Power Control | APM32F035 220V Irrigation Pump Solution

The APM32F035 motor control dedicated MCU boasts excellent flexibility and scalability, catering to various motor control applications. It features extensive configuration options and interface standards, including pre-drive, LDO, protection circuits, and multiple communication interfaces. These capabilities streamline application peripheral circuit design and enhance system integration.

APM32F407 Typical Application: PLC Solution

Th APM32F407 MCU, based on the advanced Arm® Cortex®-M4F core, operates at an impressive 168MHz frequency.

APM32F411 OLED Driver Solution

Geehy's OLED driver solution is based on the highly adaptable APM32F411 MCU, leveraging its exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and configurable features.

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