Based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Core

Efficiently combining low power usage, wide temperature range, high performance, and exceptional stability, these MCUs provide reliable support in both software and hardware. With various storage capacities and package options, it caters to cost-sensitive applications, allowing customers to access complex and innovative features at lower costs.

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APM32F030 APM32F003 APM32F091 APM32F072 APM32F051

APM32F0 MCU Series

The APM32F0 series seamlessly combines low power consumption, high energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The APM32F091/F072/F051/F030 series is certified with IEC 60730, ensuring the safe operation of smart home appliance embedded control devices and enabling customers to reduce product certification time and shorten time-to-market.

APM32F035 Series

High-performance, cost-effective motor control dedicated MCUs designed specifically for the motor drive market.

APM32F003 Series

Basic cost-effective MCUs tailored for low-cost, easy-to-develop products, meeting the majority of users' needs.

APM32F030 Series

Basic popular MCUs strike a perfect balance between performance, power consumption, stability, and price.

APM32F051 Series

Basic extended MCUs meet advanced control needs for smart terminals, featuring high integration, good portability, and wide compatibility.

APM32F072 Series

Basic extended low-power, space-saving MCUs with differentiated capacitive touch sensors.

APM32F091 Series

Basic enhanced MCUs with added communication capabilities, capacitive touch sensors, and CAN interfaces, tailored for highly cost-effective industrial equipment, IoT, and smart home applications.

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Functional Safety

Our solutions are ISO 26262 certified, ensuring the highest ASIL-D level throughout the entire product development process.

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Empowering flexible, swift, and scalable applications.

Motor Control Dedicated MCU - APM32F035

As a 32-bit FoC Vector Control MCU, APM32F035 comes with a built-in Vector Computer with various dedicated math accelerators, providing comprehensive support for FoC control algorithms.

Industrial-grade extended APM32F072xB series MCU

The APM32F072xB series strengthens connection control and can realize advanced control of intelligent audio and video terminals with high-cost performance.

APM32F030 Series MCU Certified IEC60730

It can provide a motor control software library that meets the IEC 60335 standard, which helps to greatly reduce the time and cost for software engineers to invest in authentication.