GURC01 enhances automotive assistance systems and industrial setups, improving distance measurement. With a robust internal resource set, including a temperature sensor and signal processor, it excels in measuring long and short distances, supporting diverse functions with a wide programmable drive frequency range.



  • MTP: Nonvolatile, 8-bit width, 9Bytes, stores calibration data and ID
  • Volatile memory: Store register values


  • OSC: 12MHz oscillator, supports user calibration

Sensor Driver

  • Measurement mode supports receiving and transmitting
  • Programmable sensor frequency: 30kHz~83kHz
  • Driving current of programmable transformer: 187mA~405mA


  • Front end of receiving analog, including PGA, AAF, and ADC
  • PGA: Programmable amplifier with 36~50dB analog amplification
  • AAF: Anti-alias filter with DC gain of 2.3 times, unit gain bandwidth of 200kHz
  • ADC: 12bit, 1MHz sampling rate, significant bit not less than 8bit

Signal Processor

  • Digital filter
  • Configurable digital amplifier supports sensitivity time control (STC)
  • Echo detection: Supports static threshold generation, automatic threshold generation (ATG), echo width detection, echo peak detection (EPD), signal enhancement through fast time constant algorithm (FTC), near-field threshold generation (NFTG), and time measurement.

Communication Interface

  • 3-wire bidirectional communication interface, flexible protocol
  • Transmission command and data
  • Obtain envelope curve
  • Obtain echo detection signal

Built-in temperature sensor

JTAG debugging interface


  • QFN20

Selection Tools

Part-NoInterfaceTransducer Frequency
ClockTransducer Driver Type / Output
Measurable Distance
Vsupply(V)PackageTemp. Range
GURC013-wire (bidirectional I/O) interface30~8312MHz OSC187~40510~7006~18QFN20L4-40~+105

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