Power & Energy

As carbon peak and carbon neutrality efforts intensify, the energy system undergoes unprecedented reforms, transitioning traditional power systems to cleaner, low-carbon, safe, controllable, and intelligent new power systems. Geehy offers reliable and efficient solutions for power and energy applications, including energy systems, solar energy, metering, and power grids. These solutions cater to the infrastructure needs of smart grids, energy storage, and renewable resources, contributing to a more intelligent, energy-efficient, and effective energy system.

Energy Storage Systems

With the growing prevalence of electrification, the grid load grows during peak electricity usage. Energy storage systems are crucial for stabilizing modern grids by capturing and storing renewable energy. We provide reference designs for products and application solutions addressing renewable energy, BMS battery management, and energy conversion. This helps customers tackle technical challenges in energy storage systems.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy

In the dual-carbon era, there's a global consensus to promote energy transition and develop renewable energy. Solar photovoltaics are a fast-growing technology in this regard. We have various products and solutions supporting renewable energy and environmental protection, helping engineers simplify the development process, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and meet the growing energy demand.


As IoT and big data technology advance, the smart metering industry continuously innovates. Smart meters for water, gas, and electricity overcome traditional drawbacks, cutting costs and energy consumption, enhancing accuracy, and improving reliability. Geehy offers comprehensive semiconductor solutions to meet technological innovation needs in smart meter applications.

Electricity Grid and Distribution

Smart grids, or Grid 2.0, signify the evolution of the power and energy industry, creating a new power system with real-time intelligence. Our low-power products come with complete reference designs and system solutions to build a smarter, more efficient, and safer smart grid.

Typical Applications

Charging into the New Era | APM32F411 EV AC Charging Station Solution

To address the escalating demand for EV AC charging stations, Geehy uses the highly adaptable APM32F411 MCU series, featuring the Cortex-M4F core. This MCU facilitates high-speed processing, ensuring precise power management and charging control.

Reliable and Durable: APM32F030 Portable Power Station Solution

Geehy's portable power station solution features three APM32F030 series MCUs working in tandem to drive control panels and power boards. This solution incorporates various protection features and intelligent LCD screen interaction, supporting multiple interface connections and ensuring a secure and stable charging and discharging performance.

Geehy APM32F407 Communication Power Solution

The APM32F407 communication power solution prioritizes stability to ensure optimal speed, accuracy, and smoothness.

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