APM32F407 Typical Application: PLC Solution

March 08, 2024 Industrial

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) serve as digital systems control, execute, and monitor automated machinery across various sectors like building equipment control, water treatment, energy, and industrial automation. The automotive industry's technological strides fuel the expected growth of the PLC market, with Market Intelligence projected an annual growth rate of 4.32%, reaching $12.8 billion in 2024. Notably, the Asia-Pacific region emerges as the largest and fastest-growing market for PLCs.


APM32F407 PLC Solution Overview

To evaluate a PLC's performance, we look at key factors like the scan cycle, storage capacity, and overall functionality. The scan cycle, influenced by · factors such as the number of I/O inputs, execution of instructions by the main control chip, and operational complexity, plays a crucial role. In situations with complex functionalities, a higher operating frequency becomes important.

Th APM32F407 MCU, based on the advanced Arm® Cortex®-M4F core, operates at an impressive 168MHz frequency. With support for both float point and signed digital operations, it significantly boosts PLC scan cycle performance. It enables essential logical controls, including bitwise AND, OR, NOT, XOR, and more.


APM32F407 PLC Solution Block Diagram


Advantages of APM32F407 PLC Solution

· Swift operations with quick data processing and compatibility for signed and float point operations.

· Comprehensive integration of resources, including digital communication, I/O control, pulse control, analog control, and more.

· Easily adaptable with a sturdy expansion board interface for additional modules based on specific needs.

· Anti-interference and strong stability with electrically isolated input/output interfaces.

· Supports data backup




Cutting Machine Tools, Conveyor Belts, Elevators, Packaging Workshops, Smart Greenhouses.


APM32F407 MCU Features

· High Performance: Utilizes 55nm production technology with an advanced Arm® Cortex®-M4F core and single-precision float point unit (FPU).

· Ample Capacity: Embedded 192+4KB SRAM, 1MB FLASH

· Rich Peripherals: Integrated USB_OTG, Ethernet, CAN, EMMC, etc., enhance functionality for diverse development needs.

· Durability: Operating in temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 105℃, ensuring resilience to electromagnetic and high-temperature conditions.


The APM32F407 PLC solution is the choice of leading manufacturers in industrial control and automotive electronics. Its reliability, scalability, ease of expansion, and user-friendly features have earned recognition.

In 2024, our commitment is to strengthen the APM32 series industrial-grade MCU product line, focusing on the high-end industrial automation sector. We aim to deploy high-performance analog and mixed-signal chips to support MCU+ products and solutions in the new energy sector, ensuring robust chips and mature solutions for industrial automation and digital transformation.