Reliable and Durable: APM32F030 Portable Power Station Solution

January 19, 2024 Power & Energy

Geehy's portable power station solution features three APM32F030 series MCUs working in tandem to drive control panels and power boards. This solution incorporates various protection features and intelligent LCD screen interaction, supporting multiple interface connections and ensuring a secure and stable charging and discharging performance.

Overview of APM32F030 Portable Power Station Solution

▪ Isolated DC-DC boost circuit with a pure sine wave output, using a push-pull resonance transformation structure.

 Incorporates a push-pull level without leakage inductance absorption circuit, rated at 500W.

 Supports DC 21V~27±0.5V charging and up to 300W input power from PV solar panels, enhancing outdoor endurance for prolonged usage.

 Output Voltage: 220VAC±1%, rated output current: 2.5A, output frequency: 50Hz±0.1Hz.

 Intelligent LCD provides real-time operational status and facilitates abnormal alerts.

 Features three USB-A charging interfaces, with a 12V output supporting in-vehicle charging.

 Includes soft-start output inverter protection on boot, overvoltage and undervoltage protection on DC bus, output overload protection, output overcurrent protection, PCB over-temperature protection, IGBT over-temperature protection, and output short circuit protection.

APM32F030 Portable Power Station Solution Block Diagram

Application Scenarios of Portable Power Station 

Overview of APM32F030 Portable Power Station Solution

▪ APM32F030 series industrial-grade popular MCU based on the Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core, operating at a main frequency of 48MHz.

▪ Built-in two PWM output timers connected to the drive circuit and power transistors for push-pull resonance output control.

▪ Sixteen channels of 12-bit ADC for real-time sampling of battery voltage and current, ensuring stable current loop control and protection features for bus undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, and overload with external op-amps.

▪ Integrated SPI, I2C, and USART peripherals for communication with various external devices, meeting a wide range of design needs.

▪ Industrial-grade temperature range:-40 ~105℃.

Overview of APM32F030 Portable Power Station Solution

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