Geehy's APM32F003 was certified as IEC60730/60335 compliance

January 08, 2024 Certification

The industrial-grade cost-effective MCU, APM32F003, was recently certified as IEC 60730/60335 functional safety compliance. This series offers a comprehensive functional safety design suite adhering to CLASS B standards. By streamlining the certification process, it empowers customers to accelerate the launch of stable and reliable end products, reducing both the time and costs associated with certification.


*VDE, a prestigious German association for electrical engineering, electronic technology, and information technology, conducts rigorous testing and certification, validating compliance with relevant international and German standards for technical and safety requirements.

About IEC 60730/60335

IEC 60730/60335 is a pivotal international functional safety standard established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for automatic control devices. This standard focuses on safety, reliability, and performance requirements for automatic control devices found in household appliances and industrial equipment. Its objective is to ensure adherence to international standards for safety, reliability, and performance across the entire life cycle of automatic control devices.

APM32 IEC 60730/60335 Class B Safety Library

In alignment with IEC 60730/IEC 60335 Class B specifications, the APM32 series offers tests for critical components, including:

APM32F003 Industrial-Grade Cost-Effective MCU

Based on the Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core, operating at an operating frequency of 48MHz, the APM32F003 boasts a wide temperature range, high precision, low-temperature drift, and an impressive ESD level of up to 8KV, showcasing robust anti-interference capabilities. Supporting TSSOP20, SOP20, and QFN20 compact packaging, it enhances system integration and lowers BOM material costs. Currently applied in diverse fields such as household appliances, oil pressure monitoring, electric toys, doorplate light control, educational robots, wireless chargers, temperature sensors, and more.

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