Geehy APM32F411 High-Adaptability MCU Strikes the Perfect Balance Between Power, Performance, and Cost

August 08, 2023 APM32F411

Geehy has recently unveiled the APM32F411 series, an advanced MCU meticulously crafted to meet the demands of energy-efficient and cost-sensitive mid to high-end industrial markets. Built upon the robust Arm® Cortex®-M4F core and harnessing cutting-edge 55nm process technology, this MCU guarantees peak efficiency and impeccable power management. Moreover, its extensive on-chip resources, including abundant Flash, SRAM, and diverse peripherals, enhance its versatility and reliability, making it an outstanding choice for industrial applications.


The APM32F411 MCU can be widely applied in various fields, including instruments, industrial control equipment, smart home appliances, base station power supplies, gateway devices, and 3D printers.

Enhanced Performance and Energy Efficiency 

Operating at a maximum frequency of 120MHz, the APM32F411 series supports single-precision FPU and DSP instructions, boosted by two built-in DMA units with 8 data streams each. Additionally, a CRC32 calculation unit enhances computational capabilities. With Flash memory options of 512/256 KB and 128KB of SRAM, along with support for various external memory types like CF cards, PSRAM, NORFlash, and NANDFlash through SMC, the MCU boasts remarkable memory capacity for demanding applications. To optimize energy efficiency, it offers three low-power modes: sleep, stop, and standby, ensuring rapid wake-up in low-power conditions, thereby preserving energy.


Unmatched Adaptability with Rich Peripherals

To address personalized and expansion requirements while reducing customer hardware costs, the APM32F411 MCU is equipped with a wide array of external resources.

•  USART x 4, UART x 2, I2C x 3, SPI x 5 (reusable as I2S), QSPI x 1, CAN x 2, SDIO x 1.

•  Up to 81 I/O interfaces, all of which can be mapped to external interrupt vectors.

•  Built-in USB_OTG with integrated internal PHY.

•  Two 16-bit advanced timers, two 32-bit general-purpose timers, eight 16-bit general-purpose timers, two watchdog timers, and a 24-bit down-counter Systick timer.

•  Two 12-bit high-precision ADCs support 16 external channels with a maximum sampling rate of 2.4MSPS.

•  Two independent comparators offer external wake-up functionality.


Dependable and Versatile Products

The APM32F411 series operates within a voltage range of 1.7V to 3.6V and is equipped with power-on reset (POR), brown-out reset (BOR), and power-down reset (PDR) circuits. It also features programmable voltage detectors (PVD) to ensure robust power management reliability. With outstanding anti-interference performance, capable of withstanding ESD ±4000V and Latch-up ±200mA, and designed to operate in a temperature range of -40°C to 105°C, the MCU ensures stable performance even in challenging environmental conditions. The availability of multiple package options, including LQFP48/64/100 and QFN48, further enhances its versatility to suit various user applications.


APM32F411 Block Diagram


APM32 Development Support Services

Geehy provides extensive support for developers using the APM32F411 series. The MCU is fully compatible with Geehy's software and hardware tools and ecosystem platform, offering development boards, mass production tools, and seamless integration with software development tools such as Keil and IAR. Comprehensive documentation, SDK, and porting guides are readily available to assist users in streamlining product design, reducing development costs, and achieving optimal performance.


APM32F411 Development Board


The APM32F411 series is currently available for sampling. For those interested in exploring its capabilities, please reach out to the respective sales managers to request samples.


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