Efficient and Smooth Operation at All Speeds: APM32F035 Industrial Exhaust Fan Solution

October 20, 2023 Industrial

Geehy's APM32F035 industrial exhaust fan mass production solution enhances the sensorless Field-Oriented Control (FOC) method, delivering remarkable efficiency, minimal noise, and seamless operation across all speeds. It excels in initial position detection, boasting an exceptional 100% startup success rate.

APM32F035 Industrial Exhaust Fan Block Diagram 

This solution is centered around the APM32F035 motor control MCU, which samples signals like bus voltage, current, and IPM temperature. It executes motor control logic and receives command inputs and operational feedback from upper-level applications. By receiving control commands via UART, it enforces internal motor algorithm logic control. Simultaneously, it synchronously samples bus voltage and motor phase current through ADC for internal processing. This results in the generation of three pairs of complementary PWM signals via Timer1, facilitating the efficient, smooth, and quiet operation of the fan.


Features of the APM32F035 Industrial Exhaust Fan Solution

▪  FOC vector control for high efficiency and minimal noise.

▪  Integration of multiple op-amps and comparators for streamlined circuits and reduced interference.

▪  Seamless operation across the 50rpm to 450rpm speed range.

▪  Exceptional 100% success rate in initial position detection.

▪  Supports isolated USB and serial communication.Comprehensive protection mechanisms: input over/subvoltage, software and hardware overcurrent, phase loss, and abnormal IPM temperature protection for safe industrial exhaust fan operation.

Key Advantages of the APM32F035 Motor-Dedicated MCU

▪  Based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core, with an operating frequency of 72MHz.

▪  Flash: 64KB, SRAM: 10KB, BootLoader: 4KB

▪  Built-in M0CP Coprocessor: Hardware configuration includes shift, 32-bit/32-bit divider, square root, trigonometric functions, and more for faster and more complex calculations.

▪  Analog peripherals: 4 OP-AMPs, 2 Comparators, 12-bit ADC

▪  Digital peripherals: SPI, 2 U(S)ART, I2C, CAN, DMA

▪  Dedicated motor PWM support: Capable of complementary operation and braking, with compatibility for M0CP linkage.

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