APM32F035 Laboratory Centrifuge Solution: Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement

September 06, 2023 Industrial

Leveraging years of expertise in motor control applications, Geehy proudly presents the APM32F035 laboratory centrifuge solution. Featured with sensorless FOC control, it provides smoother startup, superior noise reduction, shorter braking time, and higher energy efficiency. The solution can achieve flip-free startup, smooth operation at speeds ranging from 50rpm to 15,000rpm, and ultra-high deceleration control, making it ideal for various liquid separation processes.

APM32F035 Laboratory Centrifuge Solution

The APM32F035 laboratory centrifuge solution is based on the APM32F035 motor-dedicated MCU, which enhances overall system efficiency and features a more compact and reliable circuit design. The APM32F035 serves as the main control chip in this application, responsible for collecting Hall signals, current and voltage signals, executing motor control logic, receiving control commands, and providing feedback on the motor's operating status.

The APM32F035 detects Hall signals, bus voltage signals, and motor phase current signals, which are then input into the MCU. Inside the MCU, motor algorithm logic is executed. Subsequently, timer1 generates six sets of complementary PWM signals to drive the motor efficiently, smoothly, and with low noise. It's worth noting that the APM32F035 integrates four independent op-amps modules internally, eliminating the need for external op-amps for signal conditioning during motor phase current sampling.

Key Features of the APM32F035 Laboratory Centrifuge Solution

▪  High-performance 32-bit FOC MCU

▪  Based on the Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core with a high core frequency of 72MHz

▪  Flash memory of 64KB, SRAM of 10KB, and a 4KB BootLoader

▪  Internal M0CP coprocessor for hardware calculations: shifting, 32bit/32bit division, square root, trigonometric functions, enabling more complex calculations in shorter processing times

▪  Analog peripherals: 4×OP-AMPs, 2×COMP, and 1×12-bit ADC

▪  Digital peripherals: 1×SPI, 2×U(S)ART, 1×I2C, 1×CAN, DMA

▪  Motor-dedicated PWM with complementary operation and braking, linked with M0CP, linked with M0CP

▪  Chip resource-optimized circuitry to reduce interference

▪  Hall self-learning and angle compensation functions for absolute zero-degree detection, significantly improving motor operational efficiency

▪  Fault indication, bidirectional rotation switching, software and hardware speed control, input undervoltage protection, software and hardware overcurrent protection, phase loss protection, stall protection, and Hall anomaly detection

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